Zoning Ordinances

Fremont Township Saginaw County Zoning Ordinance, Adopted January 2006.
Nine Chapters with two supplements, as amended.

Other Adopted Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Non-Zoning (Police Action) Ordinances

Ordinance 1998-01:  Land Division and Landowner Application - Parcel Split

Ordinance 2000-01: Noise Abatement

Ordinance 2001-03:  Blight Ordinance

Ordinance 2009-01:  Cemetery Ordinance

Ordinance 2014-01:  Weed and  Grass Ordinance

Ordinance 2019-01:  Prohibition of Recreational Marihuana Establishments

Ordinance Violations and Enforcement

Ordinance 2001-01:  Municipal Sanctions for Ordinance Violations

Ordinance 2001-02:  Ordinance Enforcement Officer