Zoning Ordinances

(3) Ordinance 1993: Zoning Ordinance. Eight Chapters, 112 pages, plus tables and amendments.

Other Ordinances

(4) Ordinance 1998-01: Land Division and Landowner Application - Parcel Division Split

(5) Ordinance 2001-03: Blight Ordinance

(6) Ordinance 2009-01: Cemetery Ordinance

(7) Ordinance 2014-01: Weed and Grass Ordinance

(8) Ordinance 2019-01: Prohibition of Recreational Marihuana Establishments

Violations and Enforcement Officer

(9) Ordinance 2001-01: Municipal Sanctions for Ordinance Violations

(10) Ordinance 2001-02: Ordinance Enforcement Officer

Wind Energy (Draft)

The document below is a copy of the DRAFT Wind Energy Ordinance discussed at the September 5th, 2019 Public Hearing conducted at the Fremont Township Hall. This document has been added to the township website as a result of a citizen request for the convenience township residents.

This ordinance HAS NOT adopted by the Township Board and is for information only