Master Plan

The Fremont Township Saginaw County Master Plan can be viewed at this link: Fremont Township Master Plan

Freedom of Information Act

Fremont Township adopted Procedures and Guidelines to comply with the Freedom of Information Act in July 2015 under Resolution 2015-3.  It is the intention of Fremont Township to provide full and complete information regarding the affairs governing Fremont Township.  Please forward any requests for information to the Township Clerk, as identified on the Home Page of the Fremont Township Website.

County Ordinances governing Fremont Township Residents

Saginaw County Ordinances ( and the associated penalties) including such topics as dog licenses and control of dogs, open parties attended by minors, and operation of off road vehicles can be found on the Saginaw County Website.  Click the link below if you would like to read these ordinances.

  Saginaw County Ordinances

Hazard Mitigation Plan

Fremont Township adopted the Saginaw County Hazard Mitigation Plan in September 2017 under Resolution 2017-2.  This plan identifies the most severe hazards in our county based on Likelihood of Occurrence, Potential for Property Damage, Percent of Population Affected, Potential Death or Injury, and  Potential Economic Impacts.  The top three Hazards identified in the plan are Inclement Weather, Tornadoes and Flooding.  Other hazards considered include Transportation Accidents, Structural Fires,  Hazardous Materials, Public Health Emergencies, Civil Disturbances, Infrastructure Failures, Oil and Natural Gas Accidents, Drought,  and Dam Failures.  Fremont Township hazard mitigation priorities are found on pages 9-60 through 9-63 of the document.  Click the link below if you would like to review the plan.

 Saginaw County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Parks and Library

Fremont Township is a primarily rural municipality and has not established a township park.  Our township board supports parks in the neighboring townships of Swan Creek, Saint Charles, and Richland.   These communities appreciate our support and welcome residents from Fremont to their facilities.

Fremont has entered into a contract with Raucholz Memorial Library in Hemlock to provide library services to Fremont Residents and our township is considered a "contracted township" with our local libraries that are part of the "White Pine Library Cooperative".  Accordingly, our residents are granted access to library services at Both Rauchholz Memorial Library and Saint Charles District Libraries because they are part of this cooperative.   Visit the libraries on their home pages at http://www.rauchholzlibrary.org/#/  and https://www.stcharlesdistrictlibrary.org/ .

More specific information for library patrons is given here: http://www.rauchholzlibrary.org/files/NewPatronInfo.pdf.