Fremont Township

Saginaw County, Michigan

Fremont Township Hall

5980 South Hemlock Road

Hemlock, Michigan 48626

Phone (989) 642-2884


    • August 2020

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    • June/July 2020

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    • May 2020

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Organized in 1867, Fremont Township is a community of approximately 2100 residents in southwestern Saginaw County. Fremont Township is a "General Law" unit of government having only those powers expressly provided or fairly implied by state law. Township business is conducted by an elected board consisting of five members: a supervisor, clerk, treasurer and two trustees. Schools in Fremont Township include Hemlock Public School District, St. Charles Community Schools and Merrill Community Schools.

The Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator is currently conducting business by appointment. Other township business is conducted during regularly scheduled meetings or by appointment

Please see the list of Township Board Members and other contacts if you need information or assistance


Supervisor: Donald LaClair 17600 McKay Road, St. Charles, MI 48655 phone: (989) 585-3512

Clerk: Ernest Delemeester Jr. 6755 S. Hemlock Road, Saint Charles, MI 48655 phone: (269) 547-0224

Clerk email:

Treasurer: Lynn McCoy 5795 S. Raucholz Road, Hemlock, MI 48626 phone: (989) 274-0912

Treasurer email:

Trustee: Richard Kushion 14710 Nelson Road, St. Charles, MI 48655 phone: (989) 642-5780

Trustee: Matt Sobieski 3275 S. Fordney Road, Hemlock MI 48626 phone: (989) 213-6059


Hall Manager/Rental: Mindy Beyersdorf phone: (989) 220-6300 (see Hall Rental Page for more information)

Zoning Administrator & Building Inspector: Jim Gray phone: (989) 213-9549 (see Building/Zoning Page for more information)

Assessor: David Cook phone: (989) 284-5128

Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector: Tom Verellen (989) 246-4817

Electrical Inspector: Jay Wale (989) 643-5036

The monthly Fremont Township Board Meetings are being made available for remote attendance

using the application "Cisco WebEx".

Residents may attend the monthly Board meetings via audio connection using their phone, or via video+audio using a smart phone or computer with camera and microphone (application download required). The details for joining are shown below.

Meeting Name: Fremont Township Board Meeting

Second Monday of Each Month 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)

Please join this meeting using one of the options below:

    • by phone (easiest method)

Dial this number: 1-408-418-9388

When prompted, enter the access code and then the password

Access Code: 629 994 099 followed by # key

Password: 373 66 68 followed by # key

    • Internet connection using smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet (requires application download)

Password: Fremont

Download and install the appropriate application below to attend the meeting with audio+video using smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.

Please contact the Fremont Township Clerk @ (269) 547-0224 if you need assistance.