Organized in 1867, Fremont Township is a community of approximately 2100 residents in southwestern Saginaw County. Fremont Township is a General Law Township and is governed by a Board of Trustees. Schools in the Township include Hemlock Public School District, St. Charles Community Schools and Merrill Community Schools. 

Physical Address:   Fremont Township Hall
                                5980 S. Hemlock Road
                                Hemlock, MI 48626

Township Office Phone #: 989-642-2884


Mailing Address:      

For taxes, PRE affidavits and permit payments:  Fremont Twp. Treasurer, 5795 S. Raucholz Rd., Hemlock MI  48626

For general correspondence & election materials:   Fremont Twp. Clerk, 6755 S. Hemlock Rd., Saint Charles, MI 48655 

Elected Officials:

Supervisor:                 Donald LaClair, (989) 585-3512
                                  17600 McKay Road, St. Charles, MI 48655

Clerk:                         Ernest L. Delemeester, Jr. (269) 547-0224
                                  6755 S. Hemlock Rd., Saint Charles, MI 48655
                                  (appointed by township board upon resignation of T. Kushion, effective date March 31, 2019)

Treasurer:                  Lynn McCoy (989) 274-0912
                                  5795 S. Raucholz Rd., Hemlock, MI  48626
(appointed by township board upon resignation of M.K. Savage, effective date March 31, 2019)

Trustee:                      Richard G. Kushion (989) 642-5780
                                  14710 Nelson Rd., St. Charles, MI 48655

Trustee:                      Matt Sobieski (989) 213-6059 
                                  3275 S. Fordney Rd., Hemlock MI  48626 


Zoning Administrator/Building Inspector:    Robert Kehoe (810) 516-1191

Assessor:  Dave Cook   (989) 284-5128 

Hall Manager/Rental:  Mindy Beyersdorf (989) 220-6300

Electrical Inspector:    Jay Wale (989) 643-5036

Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector:    Tom Verrellan (989) 246-4817